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Are Some People Born Evil?

There are several theories concerning why humans commit dreadful evil, but none of them are comforting. Psychologists have found that people, whose childhood is filled with hardship, are prone to become criminals. However, researchers stated that youngsters, who are ill-treated, do not grow up to be serial killers.

Now the thing that comes into the picture is genes. Scientists believe that they have analyzed the genes that are responsible for violence and rage. Does it make some people evil from birth?

There is no doubt that every human being has a capacity to commit terrible deeds. Brian Masters, who is known to have written biographies of numerous mass murderers, throw light on it. He insists that when we say a person is evil, this means we surrender our logical responsibility to identify their actions.

Genetic links to psychopathy

Nobody is born a killer, but certain differences affect the likelihood of cultivating criminal traits. The term emotional contagion can be taken into consideration. It means that most kids become distressed when people around them are unhappy, and some children are less reactive to others’ emotions.

According to the Essi Viding, professor of developmental psychopathology, teachers as well as parents have a great effect on the mental path of a child. The mercenary environment can make a kid less empathetic, and an optimist educator can assist a kid to react appropriately to the sufferings of others.

She says that there is no such thing as someone born evil. Viding continued by saying that it would be unrealistic to say that there are no particular differences in how prone a person is to becoming criminal.

Understanding evil is important, but at the same time, we should not start to pity the psychopathic criminals. In summary, whether a person is triggered by nurture or by nature, we cannot overlook the evil that exists in the world. We may withdraw ourselves from understanding evil, but it is just our moral duty to do so. If you know someone who has lost his/her family member either in such accidents or health problems, you can ask them if they have insurance. You can try out this life insurance quiz to gather more details and this way you can help them by giving them proper information. Explore variety of quizzes at